Conflict Resolution LARP - Heroes Rush In

Aug 11, 2017 - Aug 13, 2017

Douglaswood Scout Centre, Dundee, DD5 3QH

Heroes rush in... Where angels fear to tread. The journey of the Iron Star Consortium is coming to an end and only one obstacle lies between them and the treasures of the Empire of the Iron Star: the Siderea Aureola, a vast ring of ceramite and ancient technology large enough to house its own ecosystems. The massive ringworld is a symbol of what Man’s artifice can accomplish, but even it pales in comparison to the immense technological bubble that it orbits.

Large enough to contain an entire star system, the massive sphere dwarfs any other construction witnessed by those present, and it is so immense that even augmented senses cannot visualise its shape - only the powerful auspexes installed aboard ships can determine the vast size of it.

The engrams left by the Iron Star Empire have led rogue traders to this place, but they are not alone in reaching this place. Agents of the Ruinous Powers are also here, and a battle must be waged both amidst the stars and onboard the Siderea Aureola itself in order to open the gateway and enter the Empire of the Iron Star.

The rogue traders of the Consortium will need to face off against warlords seeking the same prize, as should any of them be left alive when the gateway opens, then they could claim the power and riches of the Iron Star for themselves, potentially unleashing a fresh Black Crusade fought with corrupted variants of Iron Star technology.

In order to win the day, the Consortium will have to assault the Siderea Aureola, defeat the forces of Chaos that have already started invaded it, activate the gateway and get through it, all while battleships wage terrible war above them. This will almost certainly be the last act of heroism for many of the adventurers, but many would consider the prize awaiting them to be worth any cost.


This is the first of a two-part finale to No Rest for the Wicked Season 1. The second part will happen immediately afterwards as far as timeline goes and while there will be a downtime period between these events, it will take a non-standard format of exploring what lies beyond the Siderea Aureola and there will be limited chances to replenish supplies. Spending XP between the events will occur as normal.

In order to allow as many players as wish to attend an opportunity to do so, there will be no limit on player spaces at this event. This comes with some caveats which are enumerated below.

1) There are limited bunk spaces, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, at an additional ticket cost of £5. Anyone wishing to stay on site beyond those numbers will be required to camp. This is cumulative with play-only costs. A number of bunks are reserved for crew use - bunk use is included in crew tickets so there is no additional cost for crew.
2) There are limited play-only spaces, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, at an additional ticket cost of £10. This is cumulative with bunk costs.
3) All players spaces beyond the play-only spaces will be expected to crew part of the event. The policy here is to try and have a fair split of time, so that where possible everyone spends an equal amount of time crewing. Our aim is that no one should need to spend more than four hours crewing (unless they want to) though we will of course welcome any players lacking characters to join the crew on a more permanent basis as the event proceeds. The more players that attend, the less time any single person will need to spend crewing.
4) There will be limited catering available. Priority on catering goes to crew, and any remaining spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
5) In all cases where there is a first-come, first served basis in effect, this may be overridden if a medical or safety requirement is provided. In these cases, those affected will have priority booking privileges for those spots. As there is no limit on player numbers, this is not expected to affect anyone’s ability to attend. We require any players requiring early consideration to alert us to this fact as soon as possible as we may not be able to accommodate you after spaces sell out.
6) Crew for The Pilgrim’s Lament will receive limited early access booking for bunks, catering, and play-only spaces.
7) Bookings for bunks, catering, and play-only spaces will be limited to bookings for two people per person booking.

The event will be held at Douglaswood Scout Centre on the weekend of August 11-13. Players and crew are welcome to arrive from Thursday evening, and leave by Monday afternoon. Assistance with site clean-up is required in order to ensure we can leave the site promptly on Monday, and any and all assistance is appreciated.

We will be operating on a lower crew:player ratio than normal, so we will need players to assist us in providing monster numbers for encounters. This requirement starts at time-in. There is an opportunity for some players to take a different entry point to the station than the majority of the player base. This is likely to be a dangerous proposition, but could gain you an early boost in the event as well. If anyone would like to volunteer to be on that mission, then we will ask you to start crewing for us at time-in, and we will run your insertion after the main insertion of players has concluded.

At this event you will have opportunities to take on the bad guys that you haven’t quite managed to kill yet, including Drahkr the Soulless One (aka Axe Wanker), and The Pale Man and his Horsemen. Obviously, not everyone will be able to go on these missions, and we will try and flag these opportunities so that you know they’re coming up and can choose which one(s) you most want to go on and which you’d be happy crewing for. These fights are going to be much better if the bad guys have a horde of mooks for you to take down as well. If we have plenty of crew for an encounter, that means we can use lower statlines overall and make you feel like Big Damn Heroes as you cut down mooks with a single blow. If we don’t have additional crew, then you’re going to end up fighting off nothing but elites who can cut you down with a single blow. Twenty on twenty is a better fight than thirty on ten.

We will also be doing a slightly different version of Spectre briefings. Spectres will be pre-scouting ahead for you as you clear areas of the station, and as you clear an area, you will receive three options for missions you can do. Sometimes these will have clear parameters and rewards, sometimes they will not. You will only be able to complete two of the three options provided, and there will not be opportunities to go back and re-do things. If you have missed something critical to event success, there will be additional opportunities to acquire it, but the original opportunity is lost if it is not selected. When you receive mission briefings, we will also inform you how many player-crew are required for this linear set.

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Player Ticket
Main component of player tickets. No limit.
£ 60.00*
No longer available

Bunk Space
Player bunk space. Limited availability. More spaces may become available as crew numbers become fixed.
£ 5.00*
No longer available

Play the entire event without crewing. Limited availability. More spaces may open up as player numbers increase.
£ 10.00*
No longer available

Player Catering
Player catering. Limited availability. More spaces may become available as crew numbers become fixed.
£ 20.00*
No longer available

Player Ticket - Luke Discount
Discounted ticket for previous overpayment.
£ 54.50*
No longer available

Player Ticket - Stew Carmichael
Player Ticket for Stew Carmichael
£ 30.00*
No longer available


Crew Ticket
Crew ticket, includes catering and bunk. Limited availability of catering and bunks for this event.
£ 17.00*
No longer available


Downtime Ticket
If you participated in the post-TPL downtime cycle and didn't attend TPL, you need to buy one of these.
£ 5.00*
No longer available

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