Conflict Resolution LARP - Where Angels Fear to Tread

Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 18, 2017

Featherstone Castle, Haltwhistle, NE49 0JG

Heroes rush in... Where angels fear to tread. The journey of the Iron Star Consortium has come to an end within the immense Dyson Sphere known as Hera - the Iron Star large enough to contain an entire star system, this massive sphere dwarfs any other construction of humanity yet encountered by the Consortium, and any found within Imperial records. Yet it contains an even greater wonder - a ring of entrances to the webway, currently inert, but seemingly controlled and powered by the system-sized structure.

It also contains Endymion, formerly known as Hyperion Proxy XII, the warp-corrupted and soulless abominable intelligence which has destroyed Arboria and it's eternal foe Hyperion, the equally soulless yet apparently uncorrupted core operating abominable intelligence of the Iron Star, as well as thousands, or millions of Men of Iron and the graves of human inhabitants of the sphere.

Endymion's goal is clear - to eliminate humanity. Hyperion's is less clear, describing itself as the 'instrument of human ascension'.

And to further add to the mystery, the Emperor's ancient star charts clearly lead to this location. The ruins of a shattered crusade-era capital ship float slowly around the interior of the sun, and the sleek lines of eldar vessels have been spotted slipping from a briefly active webway gate, before disappearing into a chromatic holofield of domino-colours.

All eyes are drawn to the primary inhabitation and control spire of the immense structure and to the complex cogitation, power and habitation structure that sits atop it, for this spire - this tip of the spear - might have more than wealth beyond measure for the Consortium, but also revenge for a dead world and the means to shape human destiny for those strong or ruthless enough to seize it.


This is the second of a two-part finale to No Rest for the Wicked Season 1.

Where Angels Fear to Tread is a survival/exploration event with some social elements and a strong puzzle solving theme in which the characters will have to explore a futuristic 'haunted house' scenario and solve the puzzle of how to defeat the two warring artifical intelligences, as well as get away not only with their own skins, but with the vast wealth of the Iron Star. Along the way characters will face moral challenges, personal challenges, personal risk and trauma as well as a chance to reshape at least the Sector and perhaps the Galaxy.

The downtime rules for this event have changed (and been simplified) and are available here .

Players wishing a specific story to be told regarding their characters should get in touch with the ST team.

All contact regarding anything for this event should be sent to Richard and Rob as the ST team at their personal e-mail addresses - if you do not know these, please leave a message on the forums or on Facebook and we'll PM you. Unfortunately, our ST e-mail address is unreliable at best at the moment.

In order to allow as many players as wish to attend an opportunity to do so, there will be no limit on player spaces at this event. However as a consequence the following rules are being put into place:

1) There are limited bunk spaces, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no additional onsite space aside from these bunks, however the site has room for more people than we have ever had at an event, so invite your friends. Staying nearby is also possible, if we somehow get seventy players.
2) There are no play-only spaces, if we get enough crew we will not require players to assist us in crewing, however in order to make the event everything we want it to be we will likely be asking everyone to chip in for a few hours - the precise number will be determined once we have a firm idea of numbers.
4) There will be limited catering available. Priority on catering goes to crew, and any remaining spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. These spaces will be released three weeks prior to the event.
5) In all cases where there is a first-come, first served basis in effect, this may be overridden if a medical or safety requirement is provided. In these cases, those affected will have priority booking privileges for those spots. As there is no limit on player numbers, this is not expected to affect anyone’s ability to attend. We ask any players needing early consideration to alert us to this fact as soon as possible as we may not be able to accommodate you otherwise.
6) Crew for Heroes Rush In will receive limited early access booking to catering.
7) Bookings for catering spaces will be limited to bookings for two people per person booking.
8) Downtime tickets are free for this event, but anyone taking the piss will be laughed at. You have been warned.

The event will be held at Featherstone Castle on the weekend of December the 14th to the 18th. Players and crew are welcome to arrive from Friday post 12pm, and leave by Monday at 2pm. Time in will run from 17:00 on Friday until approximately 17:00 on Sunday. We will then have social time to celebrate the achievement that the season represents on Sunday night, to which all are welcome. Assistance with site clean-up is required in order to ensure we can leave the site promptly, and any and all assistance is appreciated on Monday (or on the Sunday, for the keen).

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